Bed and Breakfast Near the Court of Trani

In the city of Trani Find the Court which in turn is very close to the Travel & Living Bed and Breakfast. Consequence if you come to Trani come and visit us.

How to reach the Court:

For those traveling along the S.S. 16 bis it is advisable to take the Trani male prison exit on the S.P. for Andria and head towards the center following the signs for the Court or the Cathedral.

For those traveling on the S.S.98 coming from Bari, it is advisable to take the Corato-Trani exit and take the S.P. Corato-Trani. Arrived in Trani-Casermette continue towards the center following the signs for the Court or for the Cathedral.

For those who take the S.S.98 coming from Foggia it is advisable to take Cerignola on the S.S. 16 bis and continue to the Trani - Male Prison on the S.P. for Andria.

Distribution of Judicial Offices

Gli Uffici Giudiziari sono distribuiti all’interno del perimetro urbani in diversi immobilii di pregio storico (per ingrandire le immagini dei Palazzi cliccare sulle miniature).

The Presidential Office of the Court is located in Piazza Duomo in Palazzo Torres, the historic seat of the Apulia Court of Appeal.

In the same building are the Offices of the Public Prosecutor, the Offices of the G.I.P. and of the G.U.P, the Court of Assizes and the Criminal Section in its monochromatic and collegial composition of the First Section and the Mixed Section, the Offices of the Criminal Chancellery and the Secretarial Offices of the Prosecutor. The so-called hearings are held in this same building. presidential and criminal hearings.

Finally, in this building there is the seat of the Council of the Trani Bar Association

The Civil Section is located in the Palazzo della Pretura (Palace Candido) in Piazza Cesare Battisti.

Access to the offices can take place from the entrance on Piazza Cesare Battisti or from the entrance on Via Beltrani
The Chancellery Offices of the Civil Section are located in this building and civil hearings are held

The Chancellery Offices of the Bankruptcy Section, the Section for Real Estate and Securities Executions, the Offices of Delegated Judges and Execution Judges and the Offices of the Judicial Officers are located in Palazzo Gadaleta in P.zza Trieste.
Only execution hearings and appearances before the Delegated Judge are held in this Palace. The hearings of the Delegated Judges are held at Palazzo della Pretura

La Sezione Lavoro e gli Uffici del Giudice di Pace sono ubicati nel Palazzo Nigretti a Via Cavour n. 83

The Chancellery Offices and the Offices of the Labor Magistrates and the Justice of the Peace are located in this building and the relative hearings are held.

The headquarters of the Forensic School is located in Via Ognissanti. to Palace Caccetta