B & B in partnership with Taste & Go

For your guests

Taste & Go offers your guests a new way to visit the cultural and scenic attractions of Puglia. Not just the simple standard rental of e-bikes (pedal assisted bikes) but real tours that will make your stay even more memorable.
Weekly tours
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, cyclopasseggiata in the Murgia dei Trulli, in Valle d’Itria and along the Adriatic coast in collaboration with the IAT (Information and Tourist Reception). Are you ready to discover corners of Puglia far from common places? A suggestive cycle ride through the Murgia dei Trulli, Valle d’Itria or along the Adriatic coast? From April to October, Taste & Go organizes guided walks in e-bike from Tuesday to Friday to discover the nature and traditions of Puglia. Discover the routes and book now. Cost: 25 euros, subject to availability.
private tours
Reservation of the bicycle, of the tourist guide at the closest collection point to the accommodation. Choose one of our 6 routes, book your e-bike and / or tourist guide and prepare to travel through Puglia as you did not. Taste & go has studied these routes for you to allow you to visit farms, exploring uncontaminated territories and grant yourself the pleasure of a walk without tiring the body and stimulating the mind. Valle d’Itria, Adriatic coast, Murgia dei trulli, nature reserves you are spoiled for choice.

Special rental
Booking of the e-bike for special events and occasions, a highly personalized service able to meet the needs of a demanding clientele. There are special occasions in one’s life where an important event, such as a bachelorette party or a bachelor party, a graduation party or more can become evocative and memorable if lived in a special way. A party with friends will be transformed into a truly unique event to remember and tell for a lifetime. A bike ride without worries, on board our e-bikes, with your friends or dear friends will make your party original, pedaling to discover the nearby parks or countryside and then stop and rest, opening the picnic baskets. A fun and innovative idea to celebrate but also respectful of nature.

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