1 Put on the face mask

2 Keep a distance of one meter

3 Sanitize your hands with the special dispenser

4 Body temperature could be measured

We specify that in our beb you stay in complete safety as a single nucleus (family or / and friends) can stay without having contact with strangers.

Warnings for guests for the possible use of the condominium lift: use gloves to open doors, gates and lift and use the latter waiting at least the time necessary for a normal air exchange, in the hypothesis that other people have used the elevator before. All these information must be emailed to guests prior to their arrival with at least the English translation.
When they arrive at the entrance door of the structure, they will have to remove their gloves and throw them in a special container prepared by the manager and sealed. The guest will also have to wear a new pair of gloves only after using the disinfectant gel, always prepared by the manager at the entrance of the structure.

What We Do as Covid Prevention 19

Cleaning and sanitizing the premises of the structure with Acarbuster (Steam 155 °)

Cleaning and sanitizing of equipment

Key Disinfection

Intensification of the frequency of cleaning operations with specific products (sodium hypochlorite at 0.1% or / and alcohol at 70%)

Increase in personal hygiene actions by both the manager and his family collaborators

Use of protective tools to avoid contagion

Increased precautions for contact with food even if packaged with administration and delivery in a protected manner.

Procurement, storage, conservation of materials and products

Linen for the use of the bathroom delivered to the guest in a bag packed in order to

avoid contact with it, so that guests can use it.

During the period in which the guest remains in the structure, the manager can perform the cleaning at times to be agreed with the guest himself but certainly during his absence in the room.

The collection of sheets and towels from the bedrooms and bathrooms will be carried out in protected mode which the manager accesses with precautionary rules (masks and gloves).)

Laundry washing program: a pre-wash at 60 ° with sanitizing additives and subsequent washing at 90 ° , where possible , Depending on the type of fabrics and colors. Assuming that the fabric cannot withstand the maximum temperature, we will wash at the temperature specified for the type of fabric with the addition of disinfectant additive or with the addition of sodium hypochlorite if the linen is white.